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Culpepper Cleaners Offers Outstanding Care

Our goal at Culpepper Cleaners is to keep you, and your clothes looking great! Most of us recognize that dry cleaning is a necessary part of life, and yet at the same time, it can seem like a mystery as to when, and why, it is needed. Following are a few tips we have shared over the years:

Formal and Evening Wear

Formal wear is typically ornate or fragile. It requires special care and handling in the cleaning process. At Culpepper Cleaners we have the expertise to properly clean and press the most delicate evening wear. Your clothes will always be carefully handled with meticulous attention to detail.

Laundered Shirts

First impressions are important. At Culpepper Cleaners, our qualified staff and state of the art equipment will keep you looking your best. Crisp, wrinkle free collars and cuffs are what you should expect from Culpepper Cleaners or we will re-service them for you free of charge. Also any missing or broken buttons are automatically taken care of at no charge.

Wedding Gowns

Your wedding gown is an heirloom from a very special day. If you choose to box your gown for safe-keeping we will clean and inspect it, address any stains and concerns you have prior to properly boxing it for storage. We use a specially designed gown box using acid free tissue paper at the folds to prevent wrinkling. Our proper care will preserve your keepsake for generations.

Alterations and Repairs

Hem lengths, sleeve lengths, waist size, zippers and more - Culpepper Cleaners does an expert job with alterations - from repairs to sewing loose hems, and buttons. Many of these minor repairs are done at no charge.

Cleaning Fragile and Delicate Garments

Culpepper Cleaners is knowledgeable and excels in the handling of these types of garments. All we require is a few more days to process this category of work due to the intricate, and sometimes time consuming cleaning processes used.

Custom Cleaning & Household Specialties

Did you know that dry cleaning your household items can extend their life, and keep them fresh and looking new?  Culpepper Cleaners has an experienced and trained staff to handle food, beverage, pet, and other types of stains. Trust us to take care of any of the following items:

Table Linens
Slip Covers
Sleeping Bags

Culpepper Cleaners has been serving the San Antonio area for over 107 years. We look forward to serving you too. Visit us soon, or call (210) 465-1252.
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